Civil Engineering, Commercial, Residential, and Institutional

Subdivision Engineering

We have extensive knowledge and experience in Subdivision engineering. Our services include the preparation of site plans and subdivision designs to ensure conformity with municipal policies and engineering standards. 

We design and plan individual lots, roads, and services within a parcel of land to be subdivided: preparing lot layout plans showing lot dimensions and sizes, lot yield and density, potential building envelope zones, setbacks, and other relevant information. Our services include preparation of site plan and subdivision designs to ensure conformity with municipal policies and engineering standards, Land development planning & design, Subdivision feasibility studies, and Liaison and negotiations with approving authorities.

We review a broad range of factors, including estimated total construction costs, potential lot yield for subdivision, municipal rezoning conditions, identification of potential risks, servicing concerns, and level of public and municipal support. Identifying, and understanding these, and other, issues in the early stages can help you make the best decisions for your development project.

In addition, we provide Rough Grading plans, engineering advice and analysis, engineering designs, inspections, infrastructure planning, and construction management services on improvement projects.

Site grinding, Site Servicing & stormwater Management

Site plan designs include appropriate servicing and grading designed to fit within the constraints of the property, creating site-specific, cost-effective designs to meet municipal requirements. Grading and drainage design can reduce cut/fill quantities, often saving you from importing costly material, exporting unnecessary material, or stockpiling excess material during construction. It can also save long-term operating costs that would otherwise be incurred to pump water from low-lying areas.

To provide the functional stormwater facility, we address water budgets, baseflow, erosion control, quality enhancement, and quantity control to meet municipal requirements and subsequent plan approval. The designs are done in accordance with MOE guidelines for agency approvals.

o    Our Services Include

o    Grinding

o    Servicing

o    Storm Water Management

o    Inspection and Servicing

Structure Design

We provide structural engineering services for residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional projects. We are dedicated to using the client’s concepts, ideas, and ultimate goals to provide the best possible solution and outcome.

Our projects have included steel, concrete, masonry, and wood construction and are designed to comply with the Ontario Building Code and Ontario Fire Code.

We specialize in the following core competencies

o    Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Designs

o    Certified Structural Drawings

o    Investigations of Existing Structures

o    Construction Support Services

o    Renovations and Restoration Planning and Design Services

o    Demolition Planning and Design

o    2D Drafting and Detailing

o    Foundation Plan Drawings

o    Structural Design, Analysis, and Validation

Civil Engineering

 Flora Design Inc. has successfully completed highly complex engineering and construction projects for clients in remote and challenging locations. We strive to understand our clients’ requirements and build long-term relationships through performance, honesty, and trust. We have delivered tailored solutions to the customers’ requirements for commercial initiatives as well as government projects in the areas of

o    Building Performance Audit and Certification

o    Reserve Fund Study

o    Structural Engineering Review

o    Damage Assessment and restoration design

o    Building Permit and Minor Variance approval

o    Site Plan Control application


Highway Engineering

Our Highway engineering services include the design of highway intersections/interchanges, geometric alignment and design, detailed project reports, quantity calculations, and preparation of as-built drawings.

Our Highway designs address all important considerations that must be properly addressed in the design process to successfully fit a highway to a site’s topography and maintain its safety. Some of these design considerations include

o    Design speed

o    Design traffic volume

o    Number of lanes

o    Sight Distance

o    Alignment, super-elevation, and grades

o    Cross-section

o    Lane width

o    Horizontal and vertical clearance

Flora Designs Inc. has tie-up with CalQuan India, the leading “Solution Providers” in the field of Highway construction & rehabilitation in India.

Project Management

We work with clients and stakeholders to minimize occupancy costs, increase return on investment and improve sustainability. We help them keep their project on track from project conception through commissioning ensuring good communication, managing the consultants, and reporting the progress to the owner. When we’re involved, not only can we foresee issues, we can face them head-on and focus on resolving them faster.

Our way of doing things is successful because it is backed with industry experience developed working on projects of all sizes and complexities in a wide variety of locations across Canada.

Our project management services include

o    Project Planning

o    Reporting and Communication

o    Budgeting and Cost Control

o    Scheduling

o    Risk Management

o    Stakeholder Engagement and Regulatory Approvals

o    Design Management

o    Change Management

o    Construction Monitoring

o    Project Acceptance and Turnover

o    Final Project Close-Out

Honest Reviews

Kyle’s knowledge of residential & commercial homes has been a huge advantage to me as a realtor.

Simone G – Realtor

I enjoyed working with Kyle and have come to know him as a valuable asset to me

Jeff H – Homeowner