Subdivision Engineering

We have extensive knowledge and experience in Sub-division engineering. We design and plan individual lots, roads and services within a parcel of land to be subdivided: preparing lot layout plans showing lot dimensions and sizes, lot yield and density, potential building envelope zones, setbacks and other relevant information. Our services include preparation of site plan and subdivision designs to ensure conformity with municipal policies and engineering standards, Land development planning & design, Subdivision feasibility studies, and Liaison and negotiations with approving authorities.

We review a broad range of factors, including estimating total construction costs, potential lot yield for subdivision, municipal rezoning conditions, identification of potential risks, servicing concerns, and level of public and municipal support. Identifying, and understanding these, and other, issues in the early stages can help you make the best decisions for your development project.

In addition, we provide Rough Grading plan, engineering advice and analysis, engineering designs, inspections, infrastructure planning, and construction management services on improvement projects.